About Us


Royal Scholars Homeschool Academy started with two homeschool moms who decided that they were not going to let Covid stop them from educating their children or stop their children from building lasting relationships.  They decided to meet weekly for meet-ups, field trips, and classes.  After a long trying Covid year they decided it was time to get out there and fellowship with other homeschool families. However, they were looking for more diversity. This is where Royal Scholars was born. Although the founders are both Christians, they decided to start a Secular Non-Profit organization to meet the needs of all homeschool families no matter their background. Royal Scholars is focused on offering an Afro-Centered education, exposing children to contributions made to our community by individuals they don't normally hear about. However, our doors are open to all families.  Royal Scholars focuses on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, STEM, Community, and Building Lasting Relationships.  Royal Scholars offers a Co-Op that meets weekly on Mondays, monthly field trips, regular meet-ups, Homeschool coaching, community service projects, and South Carolina Option 3 Accountability.  Royal Scholars is just getting started! Many more GREAT THINGS are in the works!! Stay connected to see what else Royal Scholars rolls out next.


Our Founders




Kiyana Thomas



Kiyana Thomas is a National Board Certified teacher turned Homeschooling Mompreneur.  Homeschooling her four youngest children.  Kiyana enjoys assisting parents on their homeschool journey and creating educational resources for all to enjoy.  Her passion and dream have been to create a supportive community where parents encourage, respect, and assist one another in providing their children with unique, real-world learning opportunities.  She is the Co-Founder of Royal Scholars Homeschool Academy where those dreams have become a reality.  In her free time, she enjoys blogging, reading, arts and crafts, fashion, and YouTubing.



Felicia McCoy



Felicia McCoy holds a Bachelor's in Social Work and 10 plus years working with children and in administration however once her own children came along, she decided she wanted more for her children than what the public school system could offer.  She decided to stay at home and school them herself.  She has been on this homeschool journey for two years now.  It has not all been easy but it has definitely been worth it.  She is the Co-Founder of Royal Scholars Homeschool Academy where she feels so blessed to have the opportunity to help like-minded families achieve their goals of homeschooling their children.  Her hobbies include cooking, baking, virtual designing, and crafts.

Mission Statement


Royal Scholars Homeschool Academy offers a unique educational experience with an Afro-Centered focus. We offer real-world learning experiences through community, service to others, and field trips. Inspiring our children to be leaders with energy, poise, and boldness.