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Royal Scholars Homeschool Co-Op is a place where homeschool families can educate as a community.  We offer weekly classes that are on an A week B week schedule. We currently serve 32 students who are taking Art/African Studies, Chemistry, Financial Literacy/Math, and Theater. We strive to provide hands-on and engaging lessons.  We practice leadership, entrepreneurship, STEM, community, and building lasting relationships. Our families have quickly learned that with Royal Scholars they do not have to homeschool alone. We work together for the benefit of all and our children are not only learning but are excited to learn. At Royal Scholars we provide an Afro-Centered education to our children, we believe that teaching our children about more people that look like them will boost confidence and leadership skills. We teach them it doesn't matter how old they are or what they look like they are leaders and they are Royalty.

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Royal Scholars co-Op's registration is now closed for first semester, however it will open back up for second semester. Space is limited so if you would like to join for second semester please complete the form and you will be added to our waiting list. Once registration has opened back up we will contact you in the order your form was recieved.

Mission Statement


Royal Scholars Homeschool Academy offers a unique educational experience for homeschool Families with an Afro-Centered focus. We offer real-world learning experiences thru community, service to others, and field trips. Inspiring our children to be leaders with energy, poise, and boldness. 


Royal Scholars Homeschool Academy